Photo by  Daniela Specto r

Photo by Daniela Spector


Hi, I'm Emily.

And this is how happy food makes me. So, three+ years ago, I started taking myself out to dinner. And today, it is a weekly activity, one my Google Calendar has come to know as Solo Date Night.

But dining was just the gateway to a life fulfilled by solo activity.

It's my belief that the frequent and regular act of being alone should not be a product of our relationship status. Single or coupled, we all desire and deserve to have time with ourselves, and only ourselves. To be selfish. To do what we want because we want to, and for no other reason. To even know what we want because we’ve asked ourselves the simple question. To be isolated and present with our thoughts. To be observant and in tune to our environment. To experience something new, something for the first time, and have that experience be ours and ours exclusively.

And the more time I spend as a party of one, the more curious I become, in myself and the world that surrounds me. A wise person once said, “To be interesting, be interested.” Solitude supplies adequate quiet: with my thoughts, with the newspaper, with a good book, with the strangers in view.

So, as I'm left with many ponderings and observations, I have created a space in which to share what results. ✨

Thanks for stopping by!